About Succulent Vertical Gardens

Meet Kileen and Shane and learn about Kileen's Succulent Vertical Gardens
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About Succulent Vertical Gardens

We love creating unique and beautiful things for our garden and yours!  We strive to have the best quality and care in our products that are hand made and planted with love!

Our Business

Kileen's Garden Boutique was formed in 2015 out of my love for gardening, and my husband's creative eye and wood working skills.  I saw an idea in a magazine to make a "living birdhouse", and asked my husband if he can make one.  He said "No problem, I can do that for you!"  He created several birdhouses and I planted the roof with succulents ~ they were beautiful!  We were planning our wedding and I asked if he can make the word "LOVE" to go on our arbor.  I planted them with succulents  and they were the perfect accent for our rustic backdrop.

This was the beginning of Kileen's Garden Boutique!  We have added other shapes to our collection, and also create custom flower pots, fountains planted with succulents, inspirational plaques, and planters.  We offer "Planting Parties" where guests get to choose a project and have help planting, and we also do wedding arrangements.  We recently moved to Clovis in the country and have room to expand and do what we love!

In 2020, as our business grew up, we rebranded it as Succulent Vertical Gardens.

Who we are

Shane creates all of our frames and cement flower pots.  He has done wood working for many years, and loves coming up with new ideas!  He loves being in his shop and working with his hands to make things beautiful.

Kileen enjoys living in the country and working with plants.  She got her love for gardening from her Grammy, who's yard was always full of colorful flowers!  Kileen has a creative eye and plants her succulent arrangements with care.

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About Succulent Vertical Gardens
Meet Kileen and Shane and learn about Succulent Vertical Gardens

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